How to get free channels

I just downloaded OSMC on an old Pi2. Everything is setup, but I need to add free online streaming. I don’t have a tuner. A couple of years I had a similar setup and I was able to get channels some of which were offered by my local stations. How can I do that now?

I am not looking for anything illegal. Just whatever is offered for free.

tried google?
Result 1
Result 2
Result 3

These is just a few i’ve managed to get from google result, haven’t tested them but by the look of things I would go with Result 3.

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Thanks. I tried google, but I got results like 1 and 2. I wanted actual URLs which is what is in your link 3.

Another way would be to attach a DVB tuner and aerial to get local free to air channels
The channels you get, and DVB implementation used will depend on your area.