How to get GPIO remote to work with latest update?

I had to install OSMC (OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20191107.img.gz) on a new memory card. Before enabling my gpio remote was a simple thing in settings, but now there are options for gpio_pin and w1gpio. I tired a bunch and rebooted each time with no luck. What are the correct settings to enable a gpio remote control?

They should be the same. We use a different overlay, but My OSMC should migrate your settings accordingly.

How do the setting migrate? I can’t get it to work. What would the settings be for the old version, in that what did the old version set as gpio_pin and w1gpio?

I got it to work by installing an older version, taking note of the settings, and installing the new version. For anyone doing a search; set the in pin to 18 and change nothing else.

Another thing that changed with recent versions is that, using a windows media center remote, pressing the “guide” button brought up an overlay of the video file’s info. Now its changed to a PVR. Any easy way to change it? There was so much that worked well with the older versions its like why did you have to go and change it to make it more complicated.

Use the key mapping addon