How to get OSMC to identify this show

I’ve tried making an nfo file for it and it still doesn’t scrape it.

Here’s the page:

And the episode page:

I’ve even tried manually renaming the file to match the TVDB, but it ignores it (Filebot also tries to rename it House - S05E22 - A House Divided).

I can manually get to it in the files section in Kodi, but it’s frustrating that I can’t get it to add to my TV Shows list.

How are the files named?

Looking at the show they should be named like this -

White House Correspondents' Dinner/s2006e01.ext

Kodi scrapes by folder name - not file name - for TV Shows. One thing you can try is Refreshing TV Show Information in TV Shows > Files > White House Correspondents’ Dinner and try manually searching for your show.

Using a standard file structure is key for any metadata scraper.

FileBot formats like this should avoid any scraper issues:

{n}/{'Season '+s}/{n} - {s00e00} - {t}