HOW TO install Arora web-browser


Tested on RBPi2B, OSMC 2015.11-1, OSMC 2016.02-3

Needs:Screen resolution1280x1024 (or higher) and keyboard (mouse optinal)

This is an installer for Arora, a simple and SLOW web-browser.
Aurora is NOT for streaming content or flash content.

How to install, in shell run these commands:

sh ./

Attention: It takes up to 1½ minute to show after you started it from Kodi.

To change starting page, you have to edit /home/osmc/web-browser/

Contens of

 sudo apt-get update 2>&1 | dialog --title "Updating package database..." --infobox "\nPlease wait...\n" 11 70
 sudo apt-get --show-progress -y install dialog arora fbi libexif12  2>&1 | grep --line-buffered -oP "(\d+(\.\d+)?(?=%))" | dialog --title "Installing FBI imageviewer and Arora" --gauge "\nPlease wait...\n" 11 70
 wget -O  
 unzip -q -o 
 chmod +x /home/osmc/web-browser/ 2>&1
 chmod +x /home/osmc/web-browser/ 2>&1
 chmod +x /home/osmc/web-browser/ 2>&1
 cp /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/plugin.program.www-launcher/fanart.jpg /home/osmc/web-browser/fanart.jpg
 rm -f 2>&1
 dialog --title "Installation finnished!" --msgbox "\nThank you for using my installer\n"  11 70
Kill Kodi run chrome. x11. possible?

Please post the commands your script runs, rather than a script here.


You should edit your original posts to use this rather than suggest users run a script off the Internet. Same for the other tutorial.

It’s also better to put ZIPs on GitHub rather than a random website.


Moved the files to github, so people can inspect them before downloading them. Dont know much about github, So i hope this good enough.


That’s better, thanks.