How to install Linux OSMC on android box

We have ten android boxes on a wired network running HD live TV from tvheadend server. The performance is poor. The boxes are rooted so how would I load a osmc Linux distribution and bypass android.

Gotta give us more info then that. what kinda box etc.

There is no android OSMC available, but have you considered Kodi for Android? It is available, but I don’t know how usable it is.
The hardware architecture is what will stop you having OSMC.

Thanks - it is running android at present 4.4
Kernel 3.10.33
Amlogic A9 quadcore cpu
Mali 450 gpu
CPU: ARM v7 rev1

The OS description says it is dual boot. I can access root. I cannot find a terminal
I have read that with the correct bootloader rockwell chipset boxes it can boot linux ubuntu from a SD.
I believe the reset is a pb in the AV socket and this will make device boot. So will this work with an OSMC bootable SD?

Yes it is running ~Kodi but this android box came with version preloaded which has all kinds of stuff on it which may be screwing up the performance…
The problem is live TV is stuttering pausing and buffering. We have ascertained the tv server and network are fine.
I realise this is in the vero forum by error. I am going to give these boxes one more chance to deliver the goods and someone suggested running linux and dumping android as it mat have too much overhead - I don’t know sounds plausible. However I do not want to lose CEC supprt and the H265 hardware decoder which will be useful for /netflix UHD - though as it doesn’t run HD well I have my doubts about it ability to do that.
I have also read that some of these boxes do not perform well with managed switch (ours is a zyxel) but ok with an ethernet hub -but why is beyond me.

Try openelec: