How to install milkdrop visualisation?

I’m trying to get milkdrop visualisation on my osmc running on raspberry pi 2. I came across this article when searching for it: milkdrop binary addon. However, I see no documentation related to this new “binary addon” feature and how to install binary addons. Also, I’m not sure what to do with the github repository the article links to: github dir. I download as a zip and try to install from a zip within OSMC but of course it says it’s not formatted correctly. What am I missing here?

take popcornmix shadertoy instead works a whole lot better since milkdrop isn’t supported.

just add that repo and have fun :slightly_smiling:

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but when I try to install the zip it says “addon does not have the correct file structure”. Same error I got when trying to install milkdrop. I’m running 15.2 (Isengard), btw.

try that link instead

That did it! Thanks a lot!

np have fun :slightly_smiling:

so you thought it would be a good idea to start up a dead conversation to rant about projectm if your so convinced that it will work on a rpi then go ahead your your money where your mouth is and go ahead and make it.


Resurrecting topics which are over year old, without anything constructing to say; or berating fellow users. Isn’t going to fix anything either, is it?

Regards Tom.

Sorry im a swede so english aint my first language. So grammar aside if you really think that projectm is the final and only solution is the key (opengl) then go ahead compile it and try and run it ill wait here with my shitty grammar for your answer :slight_smile:

the ball is in your court @the_ulf and sorry for my non-answer

and if you looked beyond your insecurity there and looked at my answer it would have been plain as day that projectm is designed for opengl not opengl es

this topic has been discussed to death over at Kodi forums so dont give me this attitude for an answer that has been right infront of your eyes all along…

simple answer is that shadertoy is the only working solution if you want something else discuss with kodi devs cause OSMC has no bearing on this.

sorry for engaging with ya

I’ve closed this topic, as it appears to become a slagging match.

@the_ulf can you please stop berating fellow users of this discourse, or you will find help little forthcoming.