How to install my 'pi desktop debian package'

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:frowning: during skin change OSMC froze, and same old problem, appear. “Could not find root file system” Probably the sd broke

It’s saying that it can’t find the USB drive (/dev/sda1), not that the SD card is broken.

Check that the USB drive is properly plugged it. Also, if you have another USB drive installed, please remove it and restart the Pi.

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It is in an Element14 DesktopPi. It is an mstata ssd.
Just remove the USB connection? I was really sad, because I saw this 2-3 years earlier a lot of times and I left the platform, but that time sd broke every time osmc froze.
Now I have new hardver Pi3+ and this Element14 desktopPi with msata, but I reinstalled without msata the osmc, cause I was disenchanted. I hope it will not freez, but if it will I will try to remove usb connection after I put back the msata and freezes.

To be clear here, are (or were) you using the mSATA SSD with a boot SD card, or just with the mSATA SSD?

I assume that the SSD will use a USB <-> SATA interface, so will look like a USB drive to the Pi. You didn’t say if you have (or had) another USB drive attached but, if one is attached, there is no guarantee that /dev/sda1 will always be chosen for the SSD; it could be assigned to another USB drive, which is why I asked you to remove any other USB drives.

I used the sd to install osmc on the msata ssd, which is connected via usb on an extension board, which has a gpio connection also for power button. It is very sophisticated.