How to install PeerGuardian and OSMC?

Hello everyone,
I have lots searched the net to find a way to install Perguardian / PeerBlock on my Raspberry Pi 2.
I followed several tutorial without success.

Someone will have the procedure to install via the console ?

Thank you in advance!!

no need for peerguardian you can easily block stuff via host filesā€¦


just add the dns to this file

or if your using dnsmasq you can use this to block peers in dnsmasq.conf and add this value


Hi Toast!

I did not think that was so simple!

Thanks you verry much for your answer !!

it is peerguardian isnt compatible with osmc since it needs a window manager and since OSMC boots into Kodi that makes it incompatibleā€¦

but what a ā€œpeerguardianā€ does is to block ips so we do it ourselvs at a systemlevel using hosts files

you can use already existing projects such as

there are instructions on that site on how to

or you can hack your own script simply enough by looking at the shell script :smile:

p.s it aint that hard it just takes time and you dont have to be afraid to break shit :slight_smile:

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Thank you for all the details Toast !!

Did it! Worked 100% Thx you !!!

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i went another route and added it everything too my router


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