How to install PHP7.0 and nginx


I have noticed that there are missing some repositories…
I wonder, does anybody sucessfully installed php on osmc?
Any help will be much appreciated.

can i just follow this tutorial?

Osmc is built on standard debian jessie. So yes, not everything included in raspbian might be available.
So some tutorials based on raspbian might not work.

Edit: This tutorial suggests to add the raspbian unstable branch to the sources. This is unsupported and might potentially break your system.
It might work though. Be sure to remove the foreign repository again after installation.

But only on your own risk.

I’d use the php version available from the psmc/debian jessie repository.

Also raspiconfig will not work and firmwareupdates are managed by the osmc update system.

You can grab php-7 from another repository. Not sure if ARM builds are available though. Debian provides php 5.x

There’s been a lot of hype about php7 offering really high performance, but most of these performance improvements actually come from opcache which is enabled by default in php 7, and optional with php 5.x


Just read that tutorial: I’d recommend staying with the OSMC LAMP stack. nginx won’t give you performance benefits on a Pi because there are other limiting factors (not the SW stack)

@sam_nazarko how to install OSMC Lamp?

Search for LAMP and you’ll know.