How to manually add movies to the Library

A Newbie At This Type Of Box. Some help needed as there is no manual, that I have found.

The site is the place to look for this type of question. Here’s the info about how to setup a library (including how to create nfo files):

That was quick, impressive! Thanks for the link, now to do some reading :slight_smile:

No problem :smiley:
If you have more than 1 kodi device, and you would like to share the library, you should also read this:

Just use the Vero 4K as the main player. Have an AC Ryan Playon!HD & a faulty Western Digital TV Media Player. If I say I don’t even know what SQL means, you will understand that this is my first dip into Linux/Debian/Kodi & the like. I know zero about it.

I have 18 external HDD’s, mostly 2TB in size, that mostly contain Movies/TV Shows that I have downloaded.
I think I will have ‘fun’ with the way a lot has been named. lol

The Video_Management link mentions steps/pictures of interfaces that do not show on the OSMC skin, so I am at a loss to see how to manually update. I will enable the "Update library on startup’ option under settings/media/video library and restart.

I don’t use the OSMC screen, but the normal way to do a manual update is while you are in a Movie or TV Shows view, you up arrow to access the view menu, and you can select update from there. If UP doesn’t do it, try DOWN, or even try LEFT or RIGHT.

Left brings up a menu of 8 options of which is Update Library. Thanks.
For someone new to this type of player, it’s not intuitive about how to do things. But, I will explore.

What do I do, in the OSMC skin, to have the box fetch the metadata? I think that’s what it is, when you have pictures of the movie showing on screen and as you scroll through the movie names, the images change. The WD box did it automatically.

I am going to suggest to Sam that, for him to sell this box to the General Public. an detailed PDF manual on controls and options should be placed on his web site. Thanks for your help.

That’s what setting up the library will do for you. It will search online (TheTVdb and TheMoviedb) to find the info about the files. That’s why naming of the files is important, since it doesn’t try to get any metadata from the files.

That probably isn’t real feasible, as most of that information is about Kodi, not OSMC (or the 4K). But Sam may have different ideas :wink:

When I am on any movie name, it scrolls. There is a folder showing on the left which is blank. I believe that the folder should show an image of the movie, is that correct? if so, what do I do to make it do so?

Are you seeing the movie name, or the name of the file? It sounds like you haven’t actually created the database yet.

Um… NO… hangs head in shame…
Will your first link explain how to do that? if so, I will read up on it.

See what I mean about how the the General Public will have problems understanding the operations of the Vero 4K?

I tried to choose a Smilie from the pop up list but when I went to post my reply, I got this “The site is in read only mode. Interactions are disabled.”… Is there a setting I need to change?

Yes, the first link I posted will tell you how to setup the database.

Also, you need to add sources (I think that’s explained on that link also).

But this is all Kodi specific stuff, not Vero 4K or even OSMC stuff.

No, the site goes into read-only mode nightly for a backup.

Thanks. One more question and then I will go do some reading. I cannot see how to include part of your reply, as a Quote. What am I missing? How to do so?

Just highlight what you want to quote, wait a sec or so, and you will see a “Quote” popup. Click on that to insert the quote.

So, do I take it that potential buyers of the Vero 4K, will need to have some level of understanding Kodi?
I think of my next door neighbors buying this box and they will expect a menu item in the OSMC skin that says “Build Database”, for a start. I am much more advanced in knowledge of ‘electronics’ than they are and look at how I am doing. lol. I thank you for your help and will leave this thread in a few minutes to read info in your first link.

Well, that’s more for Sam to answer, but from what I’ve seen here, most people are somewhat familiar with Kodi, and when we get someone who isn’t, we point them to the Kodi site, or if it’s something simple give them an answer. Duplicating the Kodi Wiki pages on the OSMC site would just be extra work.

And many/most of them would be out of date, anyway.:unamused: If the huge Kodi community can’t keep up, what hope have we?

But a noobs guide would be good…