How to migrat from Raspbmc Kodi to a OSMC Kodi?

I would like to get a simple dummy manual that help me to on a easy way migrate my Raspbmc Kodi installation over to a OSMC Kodi installation.
I have a PI B2 and is able to use a USB disk as a media to transfer all necessary data behind the different versions. I want to use my original SDHC card as boot devise in the both case (the same one).
I want all my plugin and the database to be moved over to the new OSMC installation so I don’t miss al the mark on movies I already have seen. I’m hoping to be able to use all the already installed plugins thrue the move without a need to reinstall them.
I´m using Kodi 14.1 feb 2 2015.

Please make this a simple dummy walk thru step by step. Because I´m not so good to use a command line interface.

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Is´t theire anybody who can halp me with this?

A fresh build is recommended for the best experience.

But is theire no way to atleest move over all the readmarks from the old instalation sp I know what i allreade have seen och Movies and TV-series?

Is theire no tool ore simple way to move that data?

Have a read of this

But I would start a fresh.

I have try this and export the files as it is described at tha wiki.
Now I can’t find wat location the export have been made to.
I did not get prompted to select any localtion so now I don’t now ware the export is done to.