How To Move The Pause Banner?

When I am playing a movie or TV episode and pause it, am I able to reposition that Pause Banner from its default position at the bottom of the screen? I prefer it to be at the top.

I don’t think this is configurable


Oh dear. It is just that if I pause to examine something, the banner usually gets in the way.
Is it an OSMC or Kodi thing?

Assuming here that you’re using our OSMC skin… You can configure that the progress bar will be hidden after a few seconds during pause in the skin settings.

Thank you, that works for me.

Just curious, what are Skin Shortcuts, that one has to download?
How does it work and what would you use a Skin Shortcut for?

You can adjust all the entries in the home menu with that script. :+1:t2: Edit the links to where home menu entries point, adjust the widgets on the right, etc.

Thanks. I think I will not fiddle. If it ain’t broke… :slight_smile: