How to organize home pictures and videos taken on my phone (Vero 4k)

In this it states quite clearly:

" Never mix media classes. ie, ensure TV Shows, Movies, Music Videos or Music are not in the same source, nor as a subfolder of another source."

So I have created a MOVIES1 source as suggested with only movies.

I’d like to put all the personal pictures and videos in the Pictures section in Vero 4k, but some are .jpg and some are .avi. Even some are .mov.

Can this be done? I’m not married to the idea of putting them all in Pictures on Vero, but I would like them all together in like a home-videos folder or something.

The issue with the other types of content have to do with populating a library. The different types of content need separate sources so Kodi knows what kind of information it should be looking for. Pictures are not added to a library view so this rule does not apply. Kodi does not really care where you put folders for pictures or what kind of files are in them.

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TV, Movies, Home Videos and Home photographs are all different types of content. They use different scrappers (or none for Home Videos/Photos).

As for organizing, i’d use yyyy/mm/dd-event/001-useful-name.jpg

Video files that are avi, mov, mkv, mp4, mpeg2, flv or any other video format for the same event should be in the same directory, imho.
Photo files need to be in a different but similar structure.