How to perform service osmc/xbmc restart?


I am trying to script the kodi service start/stop/restart but the kodi/xbmc service does seem to be registered in the latest alpha OSMC build?

service kodi stop
Failed to stop kodi.service: Unit kodi.service not loaded.

Is there a way of fixing this?


sudo systemctl restart/stop/start mediacenter


Doesn’t seem to work I am afraid

sudo systemctl start mediacentre

Failed to start mediacentre.service: Unit mediacentre.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

mediacenter, not mediacentre :wink:


I wanted to prepare simple restart for mediacenter and not whole RPi, so anyone at home could use it in case some media freeze.

It will work when [double click] [single click]* on Windows shortcut.

After installing PuTTY,

  • load default RPi profile,
  • fill in IP number for your RPi
  • in SSH - type in required command - as advised in post above
  • Change name in ‘Saved session’ box → Save
  • create shortcut to PuTTY on a desktop
  • right click on the shortcut → Properties
  • edit the ‘Target’ field in following fashion:

C:\progs\RPi\putty.exe -load “RPi 3” osmc@ -pw xxaazz

[path - no changes required] [-load] [“saved session name”] [user name to log in to OSMC][@][IP for RPi] [-pw] [password to log in to RPi]