How To play a video via Airplay in car (no ethernet)

Hi, ( I’m beginner :wink:)

I want to play my video in my iPad and iPhone (iOS 8.x) to my car display, has aux (3 RCA jacks)

I think Raspberry pi 2 can be a good solution , it has analog video output, and osmc can do airplay.

I think the connecting diagram will be :

CAR DISPLAY - (3RCAs) - Raspberry pi 2 - (AD HOC wifi connection) - my iPad / iPhone

but I can’t find how to set the ad-hoc connection.

can you help me ? :smile:

You idea is good, but I don’t think it a good idea to use the PI with OSMC for that. Airplay is not open, so few things are not working the same way as on the apple tv. Also if you upgrade iOS usually Airplay will be broken and nobody knows when it’s working again. Another thing is, as much I know you can’t Ad Hoc with the PI.

So instead better get a Apple TV 3rd generation rev A model A1469 onwards (before this model, there so AD HOC possible). Also you need at least iOS 8 to use it. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply.

I want to use my raspberry pi 2 as media player for TV or Car display - may be able to mirror via airplay.
but Apple TV is not just media player to me, and too far.
Apple TV has no RCA jack for my car display, and I don’t need apple contents. ( I’m not living at US)

I’ll try openelec for airplay connection, if this tiral fail, I’ll give up airplaying and use the pi as only media server. :sweat_smile:

Airplay function is provided by Kodi so the results between OSMC and Openelec will be very similar. And as Duri wrote the main issue is that if it works now doesn’t mean that it will work after any of your IOS devices upgrade.

Kodi never did and properly never will support Airplay mirroring