How to play back MP3's in 2.1?

How do i get the vero4k to play back mp3s in 2.1?

As it stands, almost everything comes out of the center channel.

More information about your setup would be helpful. Are you connected Vero -> HDMI -> AMP -> HDMI -> TV, etc…

Personally, I have mine connected directly to my amp via SPDIF, and I get MP3 audio in stereo.

HDMI direct to 5.1 at the moment.

That isn’t clear. HDMI to ? TV, AMP?

Assumed “to 5.1” would be clear enough, but i meant direct to a 5.1 amp/speaker setup.

I figured this out, please delete.

I was about to suggest that you make sure you have Passthrough set. Was that the problem (it would help others if you posted your solution)