How to play ISO & VIDEO_TS files on my Vero 4K

Got my 4K today & really enjoying it! Moving over from a Mede8ter, so quite a changee. Good thing is I know a fair bit of Linux. But what totally & utterly eludes me, is how to play ISO DVD’s & VIDEO_TS files. When I press on them nothing actually happens, but with the left button I can opt for the Video Player & or choose another one. BTW, files are my own rips with AnyDVD.

I should probably be very straighforward, but I can not figure it out… Need I install something? Guidance would be very much welcomed.


Just to be clearer, the files are an external USB disk that is mounted in OSMC.

Reading files from VIDEO_TS is not how DVD ripping works. You need to re-encode it from MPEG-2 PS streaming file in DVD to a video file format like x265 or VP9, then it will be playable on almost evey where.
A sample command to do so will be something like this on a GNU/Linux system:

$ cat VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_[1234].VOB | ffmpeg -i - -c:v libx265 -c:a libopus ~/Videos/dvd_rip.mkv

This will make a mkv file in x265 video codec and opus audio codec named dvd_rip.mkv from these files VTS_01_1 to VTS_01_4 in VIDEO_TS directory.

@danialbehzadi, I’m not sure what you are talking about. It’s absolutely fine to rip back to an ISO format. I have serveral DVDs I’ve done this way (when I had reason to keep the menus and extras.)

@postbuz: logs would be helpful. I have several ISOs on my 4K, and they play fine.

@bmillham: Switched out disks & that solved the problem of playing ISO’s. Working fine now!

In general, is KODI able to play the “unpacked” discs, containing the VOB files. Not by playing the individual VOB, but through the menu structure of the ripped DVD. @danialbehzadi: Did you manage that?