How to play MP3 files in Kodi?

I have a number of recorded audio childrens programs in mp3 format, which I would like to play via Kodi.
I have put them onto the media drive (1TB) on the OSMC RPi2 unit.
But I have not succeeded in playing any of these mp3 files…
I have enabled the MUSIC category on the home screen and from there I can navigate to the MP3 files and select one, but when I hit OK there is no sound at all.
Is there an add-on I need to install, if so please tell me which one because going to the MUSIC category of the Kodi Add-ons just gives me a long list of add-ons specifically created (by their names) to play sound from the Internet…
I cannot find one that allows playing from a file.

It should play mp3 files out of the box if you select them in file mode from the music menu.

Do you have turned up the volume and do you have speakers connected?

Analog or HDMI audio output?

When I played the MP3 the first time OSMC locked up and did not respond to any remote commands.
I had to SSH into it and restart.
When it was all done then there was again no MUSIC item on the home screen…
Had to leave it at that then, but now I have tested again:

  1. Activeted the MUSIC menu on the home screen
  2. Navigated (using FILES) to the MP3 and hit OK on it
  3. Now it plays!
    So there must have been a glitch of some kind involved when I tried it at first (in front of my grandson too).
    But now it is working fine.

I think there were some reports of lock ups during playback. It is being worked on.
If you encounter such a problem, a set of logs would be useful.
Also please describe the problem properly in the firsr place next time.
“No sound when playing” and “locked up kodi” are two different things.

Good to hear that it works though.