How to play videos with 7.1 sound on 5.1 av receiver?

I have got Vero4k+ and 5.1 Yamaha YSP-1100 connected via optical s/pdif. Most of modern movies coms with 7.1 soundtrack (DTS-HD, E-AC3, DD TrueHD), how to play such movies with downmixing until 5.1?

Turn on pass threw in audio setting and tick the tyoe of formats your ysp does .

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My AV don’t play any 7.1 content and connectred via s/pdif, I’m looking for path downmix 7.1

Passthrough will send untouched audio data… Just let the AVR make the best decision with what it receives.

in this case (DTS-HD for example) silence only

Did you read this?

yep. 2.2.1
You will be able to play stereo LPCM and will most likely be able to play DTS and DD 5.1 surround (but not DTS-MA or TrueHD) depending on your amplifier’s capabilities.


If you are using s/pdif I believe the only passthrough the formats that should be selected are AC3 & DTS and enable AC3 transcoding

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Where in menu can I enable AC3 transcoding?


Its the same section as passthrough, you need to have settings level on expert and number channels 2.

This is all in the link posted by ActionA, I suggest reading it again.

Thanks Tom.