How to prevent Wifi module going to sleep / power saving / suspend (Ralink - rt2800usb) - AusPi Wireless Adaptor – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for Raspberry Pi


Before posting this support request I did search and google for 4 to 5 hours and can’t find a solution for my problem and hoping you guys will help me.

I got a Pi2 on latest OSMC hooked to the network via AusPi Wireless Adaptor – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for Raspberry Pi which using Ralink chipset and driver rt2800usb.

When the wifi model idle it seems to be going to sleep / power saving / suspend mode and only fix is to rescan it via the OSMC settings and restart. I need to do this each morning as I normally don’t turn the PI off when I turn the TV in the morning Network is not present.

Please let me know how to prevent this happening.

Link to my Wifi Module:

P.S: Other users had similar issue listed below process but given OSMC using different interface / Network management I can’t find these folders / files.

How are you discerning that power management is running on this device?

Try adding sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off to /etc/rc.local


Thanks for the super quick response. I have done this and will post the results tomorrow morning.

Way I know about the wifi module is that when it connected and WIFI in use I can see a blue flickering LED and in the morning I can’t see the blue light on. When I reboot the PI blue light coming back again.

OK, will await your reply. If you have some success, I will make this the default


Without seeing the system journal you don’t actually know for sure that the adaptor is going to sleep - it might just be losing the connection and unable to automatically reconnect.

If the problem happens again can you manually reconnect to the network (and take a note of the time where you did this manual connection to let us know) then without rebooting please upload the system journal through My OSMC log uploader so we can see what the disconnection reason was.

Will do DBMandrake

Hi Sam
Thanks for the lovely tip. I have now tested it over 3 days and Wifi module not loosing it connection anymore and each morning I can see the blue light on.

I don’t have to restart the PI now. Thanks again.

I do have a question… When I update my PI with OSMC SW do I need to do this each time? It’s not a big problem.


You won’t, but I will also endeavour to make this the default for next update so the above modification is not necessary either.

Thanks for testing