How to recover after a new install?

I think that my SD card went bad so I reinstalled a new image on my RP, not sure if R2 or R4 though the image seems to look the same as to release number and number of bytes/date.
Strangely, I can read the old SD card on my *nix box so I am wondering if there are any of my old custom/selection files that I can copy over from the old Sd to the new Sd so I wont have to go through a lot of re-setup ?


Grab the ~/.kodi directory.

When you read the old SD card on the PC is it missing just config.txt from the FAT partition? If so you may be able to just make a new one and continue using the old SD card. What exactly would be in config.txt depends on which version of OSMC it has installed on it.

This will indeed work if the user was on the latest version before.


Thank you folks, this is encouraging. And of course it leads me to a couple more questions.

  1. From the old SD which is not bootable, what file contents or file name will tell me the version number ?
  2. My old SD is a 32gb and the new is 8gb. Do I need to worry about the smaller capacity or is 8gb sufficient ? I do not put downloaded files on the SD, they go to a large capacity USB device.