How to remove the "Hide watched feature" permanently?

Hello! New Vero V owner here

I bought this for my elderly parents and there are some settings I’d like to slim down because it sends them on a loop that makes them think the device is broken.

Is there a way to permanently remove the “Hide watched” feature or having it auto-enabled as soon as I manually set a file to “Watched?”

Thank you!

Which skin are you using?

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There is an option in the library views for most skins, I think normally in a slide-out menu, to select between showing all, watched, or unwatched library items. There is also a mapping for the OSMC remotes where if you hold down the OK/select button when in one of the library views it cycles between showing all items, and unwatched only.

For the skin aspect this would be entirely dependant on the skin and I’d suspect in any case to actually remove the function would require manually editing the skin… and then re-editing the skin every time you need to update it. This action shouldn’t really be all that easy for anyone to unintentionally perform though as you have to usually click the remote quite a few times to get there.

If you just need to remove the remote shortcut when you hold down OK/select then you could make a file at ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/something.xml with the following (I didn’t test but it should be correct)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
			<return mod="longpress">noop</return>

The setting is stored in guisettings.xml. Unfortunately it isn’t one of the settings that can be forced with advancedsettings.xml. Once you had completely configured all your settings you might be able to get away with removing write access to that file so settings that got changed would be reverted on reboot, but I don’t know what kind of side effect this would have particularly with updates.

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I was using Confluence but now I switched to the osmc skin which seems to have helped

Thank you! I tried playing around with this but it turns out that it’d be too much upkeep for a device that will be about 50 minutes from me so I just decided to use the stock OSMC skin which already has features in the skin configuration to disable the overlay

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