How to restore existing backup

After several month abroad i returned to my home osmc with februar 2018 version. I was informed that there are new versions available. I updated and since then my rpi 3+ does not start.
I have a backup but don’t know how to activate/restore.
I have read the posts pertaining to this but could not find anything really helping because the system does not start and i cannot ssh because there is no ip.
Any help?
Thank you

In which form? Did you make an image of the SD card or did you use OSMC’s built-in backup function?

I don’t really remember. I can see it in home/osmc/OSMCBACKUP2018_02_11_22_36_44.tar.gz

You need to move that backup file off of the sdcard to maybe a USB drive or some Network location first. Then reinstall to the sdcard as usual and use the MyOSMC app to restore that backup.

The built-in backup function creates these tarballs. Copy this .tar.gz to a second device that can access the RPi via network. Then create an image of the whole SD card now, so if any experiments go wrong, you can restore whatever was on the card. You can use Win32 Disk Imager for that, result is an .img file.

After that, install the latest image of OSMC, boot up the RPi, fetch and install updates (if any). From the second device connect to the RPi and transfer the OSMCBACKUP2018_02_11_22_36_44.tar.gz to /home/osmc. Then use OSMC’s built-in backup function to restore any settings from the file you just transferred.

Thank you both very much.
This solved my problem!

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