How To Reverse HotFix

I have used the My OSMC/Updates/Manual Controls/Apply HotFix for a HotFix supplied by Sam.
What I want to know is how to reverse the HotFix?
Does the ‘Reset Kodi on next reboot’ remove the HotFix?
If it does, is that all that is reset?

If, after removing the HotFix, can I re-apply it again, in the same way, I first applied it?

What Hotfix are you talking about, and why do you want to remove it?

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I am having some issues and want to see if they go away after I remove the HotFix.

What issues?
You’d need to use SSH to revert the hotfix


Some movies start for a second or two then screen goes black & sound stops, then I am back where the name of the movie is showing. Other movies freeze after a couple of seconds. When I stop them & replay, they go past the point where they froze. I never had these problems before the HotFix.
It may not be the HotFix but unless I remove it, I will never know.

If I have to use SSH to remove it, then so be it.
Now, is using SSH where you use a keyboard to log in?
If so, once I put in User Name and Password and am presented with $, what do I type then?

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Just installed the update. I have no sound with the new update, sound set to Fixed. If I changed to Best Match then sound works. I’ll see how it goes with that setting.

Fixed should only be used if all else fails.

There is no sound with Fixed set

Reinstalled OSMC and ran updater which found something. Configured to how I was before and movies play OK now. Trying the Auto HDR switching and it is working OK so far.