How to revert to 16.1 from 17

Unfortunately the upgrade took place automatically. How can I revert to the previous version (16.1) using ssh?

You can not, unless you do a backup of your setting and reinstall an older version from the webpage

The update shouldn’t have taken place automatically

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how to reinstall from terminal?

You will need to reinstall OSMC. We don’t support downgrading

Have you dropped support for Crystal HD? My 1080p playback if now jaggy and impossible to watch?


You are correct… But I do not control my household!!:rage:

you found out how to downgrade just the os/osmc/kodi? I hope not to have to backup 500g of video…

Nope. I backed up the library (around 1,5TB of video). It took about 30 minutes and then after reinstalling from a USB pen 16.1 version I restored it.

Do all files play smoothly after fresh install of 17.0?

I did not do a fresh install of 17.0 .It was an acceptance of an automatic update. Of note that v17.0 played correctly but since I have a central mysql server , Krypton invalidated the connection. So I had to revert to v16.1

There is currently a bug with the latest OSMC/Krypton. The CrystalHD is detected but not being utilized when playing back videos.
Sam is looking into it.

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is there a easy way to revert back to jarvis? i have a few devices 2x pi3’s a win7 pc and a android phone all on krypton they share a common mysql library. so i don’t really fancy rebuilding a fresh library and re installing the addons again.

i feel krypton has to many issues at the moment, i have been using osmc for over a year with out fault and since the change over to krypton i have noticed 3 different issues.

  1. hdmi cec does not turn my tv off any longer and if any changes are made in the cec settings the remote stops working.

  2. the skin not saving settings.

  3. when using time shift on nextpvr for live tv if you pause a channel when you resume playing it jumps straight to real time. not from time that you paused it.

and at least the first 2 of my list seem to be common problems.

AppleTV does not support HDMI-CEC.

The post was moved here as it is about downgrading. While the poster has a Pi not a ATV so that caused the confusion