How to roll back software?

I want to go back to the version just before this recent one and probably just stay there. This new version has rendered a load of my x265 content unplayable. The “aq” goes from 100 to 0 in about ten seconds then it freezes. Confirmed on 2 vero4k devices. No logs being provided.

Why can’t you provide logs?
If you can provide them we can advise

If you’re using a streaming site or addon, you might want to check that it’s not the addon playing up. Some of these have degraded a bit.

You can downgrade from Download - OSMC

I’ll keep an eye out for buffering issues but you are the first to report any since the last update

All content is locally stored, network is unchanged and tested working. The problem isn’t network throughput, higher bitrate files work fine, it seems to just be most x265 files that aren’t. I’ll try to downgrade.

How do i actually get osmc to install the old version? Nothing happens when inserted and a scan for updates does nothing too.

Also see: Backing up Settings - General - OSMC

Unfortunately without logs there’s nothing we can do. If you can’t provide logs
and we can’t produce this problem ourselves, you’ll likely have to stay on this version


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So how come no logs ? cause staying on the same version forever isnt really an optimal solution for any party ?


Reinstalling isn’t working, can it not be done from usb? Why can’t i just roll back from within the software without having to do a complete fresh install?

You need a micro SD card to reinstall. If you still have issues, please screenshot the contents of the card. Remember you are meant to use the OSMC installer to write the image, rather than copy the image file over

I’ll that then. I did use the installer and it created the usb stick, so i assumed that would work. I spent a while trying to narrow the fault down but can’t. It seems to be almost exclusively anime. All x265. Stereo/5.1 doesn’t seem to matter, number of audio tracks doesn’t seem to matter.

PM me a sample or magnet if you can and I’ll see what I can do


I meant a sample video to reproduce the problem

PM’d a magnet