How to schedule automated backup?

So, the wiki has this statement under Backing Up Settings:

" Under My OSMC’s backup wizard, you can also configure a backup schedule."

So, I have looked everywhere under the backup wizard and I cannot find where I can configure a backup schedule. I can configure an update check schedule, but see nothing about a backup schedule. Is the wiki correct, and if so, where is this done! Which screen? All I can find is manual which i did.

I believe the backup will occur before the update check. So if you schedule the update check, that is your backup schedule.

It’s done an update check overnight, and, no backup.

Did you enable the option for “backup before each update” and also reboot after configuring these options. There seems to be a bug at present that the new settings only get applied after Kodi restarts.

Don’t know if I rebooted, will try that and see tomorrow. The option is indeed picked.