How to see if you have a pending new Topic request

I have added a new Topic request, but have no clue whether this is accepted/rejected or not received at all. The only thing I noticed is that the option to create a new Topic has been removed.

For some reason, this topic is displayed automatically, while my real request is not being shown.


What do you mean by ‘request’?


Hi Sam,

Yesterday I have created an rather extensive description about a problem I have encountered, after upgrading to the august release. I have created a new topic for this, just like I have done for the topic we are in right now. For some reason my previous topic is lost, and I got restricted access to the Forum.
I have no clue why.

In our admin tools I can’t see any other posts from you apart from those in this thread.

I also don’t remember seeing any posts that were requiring moderator approval.

So it looks like your post simply failed to post correctly, in which case it will be lost.

This could happen if the connection between your browser and our server was down at the time you tried to save the post for example, if you then closed the browser window without trying again later.

The other new Topic request I have created on another account. I had to create this new account as work-around for the blocking problem (i.e. I cannot create Topics or reply to posts).
The other account is connected to the email adres removed
I do not know why this functionality is being blocked.

I will try to add the New Topic again using this account. If this works I will remove the other.


I’m not able to see anything in our server logs that would indicate why this happened. I have edited your post above so your email is now removed for spam reasons. If you would like me to change this username to a better one then I am happy to do that



Thank you,

It would be better to connect this account to the other email address (the one you have removed for spamming reasons). Or I can try to make your work easier by removing the other account, and recreate a new one using the same email address. But this is only possible if I can reuse the email address after having removed the account.

I am not able to delete my account, because the button “Delete My Account” is disabled. Could you remove my old account, so I can recreate a new one with a correct email address (this address is temporary).

The account to delete has username “Muit”.