How to see what's appearing on the tv from Yatse/Kore


I use Yatse/Kore as a remote to control a Raspberry OSMC, and I can see the name of the resource that is playing, but i wonder if it could be possible - a pluggin? - to see the image that’s appearing in the TV

Thank you :wink:

This would unfortunately take up too many resources as it would likely require transcoding on the device.

Actually Yatse has the option to play on “Local Device” if you choose that what every yo chose in Yatse from OSMC will be played on the phone instead of the Pi.
If you want to see 1:1 what is on the OSMC screen that would require “VNC” (search the forum if you want to go down that path) but that would not be performant enough to watch movies.