How to Select Audio Stream in MKV

Is there some way to use the remote control to select different audio streams when playing an MKV file? I’ve tried playing a few, and all I get is the stereo stream. Or is there a setting in the player to have it auto select a multichannel stream when one is present?

If you are using the OSMC skin, just bring up the OSD (OK button) and select the icon that looks like a speaker. You can select the audio track from the menu that pops up.

EDIT: Kodi will play the stream tagged as default in the MKV file. It depends on how the MKV was created as to what track is tagged default. It’s fairly easy and quick to change the default using MKVToolnix.

You can keymap to the action “AudioNextLanguage” but the default audio track will be whatever is set as default in the mkv container with the exception of if you have set a prefered language other than the same as the default audio track and their contains an matching language track to your preference in said mkv file.

AFAIK there is no ability for Kodi to be set to prefer by type of stream outside of language.

EDIT: FWIW you can change which audio track is default, and/or remove audio tracks you don’t want with MKVToolNix.

Thanks; that worked. I couldn’t figure out how to get the progress and menu bars to disappear, though. Maybe there’s a timeout I was too impatient for.

Thanks to both of you for the MKVToolNix tip. I’ll check it out.

After you are done selecting the track, just use the back button (twice) to clear the OSD.

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If your using the OSMC remote you can actually just hold down (long-press) the menu button and it will bring up the audio setting directly. Once you are done changing the audio track you can dismiss that dialog and return to your video by just pressing the return or menu button once. It is a bit quicker than going through the OSD.

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