How to send files over network to a hard drive connected to Vero V?

This seems like it used to exist: Remotely Adding Files To Vero Connected Drive - #13 by John251200

Has a speedier option become available for sending files from my PC?

Presuming you are coming from a Windows PC

WinSCP will do this out of the box, this is the least setup but it might not be the fastest with the SSH overhead.

Installing SMB server from the OSMC App Store is potentially a better way to do this

I’m not completely sure I understand what your asking. The Vero V has a USB 3 port so drive access is faster and that combined with a faster processors means that you should see any type of transfer performing better verses earlier models. The biggest factor in how fast files will transfer is the format of the drive plugged into the Vero with NTFS formatted drives being limited to probably around 35MB/s, and ext4 formatted drives being close to 100MB/s best case. If you need the drive to retain Windows compatibility then exFAT should perform somewhere somewhere between the two.

Or are you asking just about being able to transfer them in the first place with SMB? If you go into the My OSMC add-on and then the app store there is an option to install “samba server” which is the program that provides for sharing using the SMB networking Windows uses. With that installed when you plug a drive into your Vero it should automatically mount the drive and start sharing it over the network. In Windows you can open File Explorer and in the address bar just type two backslashes followed by the ip address of your vero (ie \\ You can find the ip address in Kodi’s settings>system information> window.

Then you can map them as network drives too for easier future access.

That’s what I have done and it works great!

Thanks guys. I was referring to the transfer speed over the Network when sending files from my computer to the hard drive connected to the Vero V. This comment mentioned the transfer speed is restricted to 300kb/s which if I’m not wrong is pretty slow:

Is this not the case when using SMB?


SMB has some overhead; but will be faster than SFTP which is what the user in that original topic was using at the time.

Yes, 300Kb/s would be quite slow since transfering just a 1GB file would take almost eight hours. I suppose you overlooked the part where they said it may have been their wireless connection to their network.

I just downloaded the portable version of WinSCP and transferred a file just under a gigabyte and with a SFTP connection I got ~60MB/s and with the same file and SCP ~70MB/s. The same transfer right after using Windows Explorer and SMB went ~55MB/s. In any of these cases the file transferred in a couple seconds and this was over my laptops wireless connection. I’m sure all these transfers would have been faster if I plugged in an ethernet cable. I would suggest to just try the different methods and find what works best for you.

NOTE: Don’t take the above speed numbers as definitive because they are not. The transfer time was much to short and I was only looking at the highest number being reported which is likely calculated different between WinSCP and Windows.

Amazing - thanks for all your help guys. A couple of seconds is impressive! I was mostly concerned about the 300Kb/s region speed because that would be unusable.

Thanks again for confirming!

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I use SMB to access drives connected to the Vero V’s USB3 port.
NTFS drives perform around 35 MBs and ext4 drives around 100 MBs over my gigabit network.
You should expect the same results.

Yep ext4 made a big difference to me, can download onto a networked drive at nearly 100MBs. So very quick for any current usuage scenario id think