How to set the vero5 to boot an earlier kernel?

I’m on the testing branch and got the kernel update from yesterday (kernel-4.9.269-54-osmc.img)

It appears to cause some video corruption when using hardware acceleration on most video types. Some mpeg2 from tvheadend appear ok, but h264, h265, etc all show a flickering/tearing on the bottom portion of the video. Oddly enough, if I bring up the OSD, the corruption seems to go away (at the cost of the osd covering some of the video). If I turn off hardware acceleration it also seems to go away, but then the vero struggles with a lot of videos. (gets really bad audio-sync issues with acceration turned off)

I want to try booting up some of the older kernels to see if I can narrow down where the issue began, but the vero doesn’t use grub, so I’m not sure how to get it to swtich. I installed kernel-4.9.269-53-osmc.img, but I’m stumped on how to tell it to boot with that on a non-grub system.


You can do this by running dpkg -l to list the kernels on your system
And then sudo apt-get install --reinstall vero564-image-XYZ for the kernel you want to install.

Try update to 55 first. We have a lot of playback improvements there.


Well, I guess it must have been a bit of code you were in the process of working on, because the tearing and flickering does not occur on the -55 version of the kernel. So I guess I won’t need check the previous versions after all.

Either that, or you are mighty fast at debugging and fixing code on the most minimal of hints, since I had not even gotten to the point of trying to generate logs yet. (I spent most of the evening digging though my equipment and swapping around cables, because I thought it must be a flaky hdmi connection somewhere until I tried plugging the same cable into my rarely used roku)

BTW, does the vero5 do hardware acceleration for h265? I’m looking at the settings and I only see MPEG2, MPEG4, h264 and AV1 settings listed under the hardware acceleration section.

Yes. We don’t list it because without accelerating we’d fail to do so, we have to list on V because we share the same code base with 4K/4K+ for now which doesn’t support this