How to set up internet on ATV 1 using linux Kodi 16.1

I am unable to get Internet working after loading Kodi 16.1? I’ve installed OSMC and I am using a wireless connection. I went into MyOSMC menu and tried wired/enable adapter and clicked on wait for network. It doesn’t work.
I was told that OSMC doesn’t recognize the ATV1’s wifi card so there is no setting for wireless. I would need something called USB wifi dongle. Is this true? I previously had XBMC, which was simple and worked perfectly. I don’t know why Kodi would move to something that is soooooooo complicated and does not work for ATV 1, it’s bad enough that we have to search all over the world for help and the YouTube video are scarce. Sorry, I’m just a little upset over having to work on this for almost two weeks without success.

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