How to specify multiple NAS devices for movies folder?

I have 2 Western Digital MyCloud NAS devices that hold all of my movies. I already have OSMC scraping from the movies folder on the 1st MyCloud device. How do I configure OSMC to also scrape the movie folder on my 2nd MyCloud drive?

Not sure if I understand you correctly but if you add the second source and scrap it to the library than under movies videos from both sources will be shown in your library.

Thx for the quick response fzinken. I guess the question is what is the proper way to add a source for your movies then? I tried going to Videos…Files…Add Videos. I am familiar with the Kodi interface where you specify a source and then can assign a scraper type (Movies or TV). But I don’t see where you can specify that in the OSMC interface.

Well OSMC in that regards is equal to Kodi. If it makes you feel more comfortable you might want to change the skin to confluence.
Generally after you choose the folder on the next dialog you should be able to set the content. But if that is for whatever reason not showing up you always afterwards can set it if you go on the source and press ‘c’ and choose set content.