How to specify NSF3 for autofs?

I have autofs working great for an SMB share but now trying to add a NFS share that is connected to my openwrt router. The connection to that device can be unstable so I was thinking autofs might offer better auto-reconnect/resiliency than fstab? I find myself frequently having to manually remount the fstab.

The problem is that it seems that autofs is defaulting to nfs4 and I haven’t been able to make this work. fstab allows me to use nfsvers=3 to keep it at nfs version 3. Is there an option for this in autofs settings somewhere?

If you used the tutorial thread Mounting network shares with autofs (alternative to fstab) then you can specifiy the parm -vers=3 in the auto.nfs.shares file like

# cat /etc/auto.nfs.shares
/mnt/music -vers=3

Any valid mount option in the fstab can be placed into the autofs options.

What concerns me more is that you are using a router to hold storage. This is a terrible idea, unless you intend to share everything in that storage with the entire world. Routers have lots of features and many of those features have a long history of being security failures. Storage sharing is one of the worst.

In short, WAN routers should be used for routing and firewalls, nothing else. Don’t run a VPN client on a WAN router. Don’t do DNS, DHCP, or the 50 other “features” the router software allows. Just because some feature has a checkbox, that doesn’t mean it smart to actually enable it.

Of course, if this is NOT a WAN router and you are using it as an internal LAN bridge or even a LAN router, the largest risks are mitigated and you can go crazy. Check every box it has.

It’s a very weird use case but the router is a LAN bridge. No exposure to the internet at all.