How to start BD with menu from folder structure?

I’m trying to play a Dolby Atmos Demo Disc structure (tried 4 different ones, all UHD, all working in VLC).
When I press play on a BD folder it shows a popup with all chapters, but there is no option to launch the menu. I’ve never played full blurays with menus before, but I thought there was some good support for this nowadays.

Maybe I’m not starting this the right way or do I have to install a specific binary/library?

Running latest stable (Leia 18.3)

I don’t think that’s currently possible. As far as I know you’d need java installed on your device and that’s bigger than osmc itself

Strange. It all works so well in VLC (which I obviously don’t want/can’t use as my media center).
I wouldn’t mind having to install something via SSH.

BD-J menus aren’t supported at this time


Fair enough. I got my hopes up after seeing " * Added support for BD-J / Blu-ray Disc Java menu support (requires system Java runtime enviroment)" in the Kodi Leia changelogs.

Is the problem limited to installing the correct JRE onto the Vero 4K or would it involve a lot more effort?

I think it works on Intel platforms. There’s a thread about this on the forum and some attempts to get this working on Vero, but it’s still very experimental


This is the thread: BD-J Support

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on that topic.

Are you trying to play demos from the Dolby UHD Demo Disc March 2018?
If so, each individual m2ts file is it’s own demo in BDMV\STREAM except 00000.m2ts.
Also worth noting, you’ll only get HDR with the Vero, no Dolby Vision.
Use your UHD player if you need Dolby Vision.