How to startup Paspberry Pi 2 via remote


Im new to the Raspberry Pi 2 and OSMC.
There are no powerbutton on my Pi, so i have to unplug and plug in the power to start up my Pi with OSMC.

I have a wireless mini keyboard attached to the Pi. Im thinking it must be possible to start up the Pi via the keyboard. But im to big a noob to know how to set it up :smile:
It is this keyboard:

Can anyone help med set this up?

There is no standby condition with the Pi - you need more hardware to implement an on/off switch.

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I use the RemotePi board from MSL Digital Solutions. Regular IR remote receiver plus powers on and off. It also does a proper shutdown when powering off.

(and there are various reasons to have to power off)

The RemotePi sounds like a good solution. So the raspberry will function as a normal device with a remote to power it on and off. Nice :smile: