How to swap to another microSD?

Hi all!
I’ve a 32GB microSD on my Rapsberry where I’ve installed OSMC…
I’ve realized that 32GB is too much so I’d like to swap that SD into a smalle 8GB one or less.
How can I do it without re-install everythings?


You could try this: [How to] Make periodic backups of whole OSMC system

If the clone doesn’t boot, the usual problem is the FAT partition doesn’t have its LBA flag set. If you get that and don’t know how to fix it, let me know.

Thanks! I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I was able to create the backup, great!
Now, I just have to restore it to the new SD connected on the Raspy USB?
Can you give me the correct restore command?

I’m afraid to not bracke anything on the working SD… :slight_smile:

I should have pointed you to the restore command where you can just go

sudo ./osmc-restore -f / and it will clone your existing card.

You could still do that, or from any linux machine (OSMC, Ubuntu, etc etc) go

sudo ./osmc-restore -f /path/to/your/backup/2017-12-21

In either case you will be prompted for the device name of the card you want to write to (eg sda). Nothing will break on the working SD as long as you specify that correctly!

Great! Thanks!

Yesterday I had to became root with su command because using sudo ./osmc-backup doesn’t work. make sense?

Works for me. May be related to write permissions on your backup media. Did you make osmc-backup executable?

Starting from the beginning and using sudo works fine!!!

Really thanks!

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