How to transfer files without samba / over the network

I have a lot of files (60+GB) to transfer to the SD card running the latest version of OSMC. The SD card is 128gb. I don’t want to transfer the files over samba as it will take too long so I am looking for a way to transfer the files manually. I have them all on a USB and on my PC. I can’t find a way to transfer them on the pi from USB to the root folder (more specifically the movies folder) and on my windows PC I can’t find a way to access the root partition to move the files.
I don’t want to just plug the USB in as it is annoying and I need it for other stuff.

Does anyone know how I can do this? Via command line or the GUI or on windows or something

Via FTP ?

Install Linux in VirtualBox on your PC then you can open Linux and transfer to the card plugged into your PC

Ok, your question is a bit confusing therefore also what people replied to you sounds a bit strange.

  1. If you want to regulary transfer files to/from OSMC and you are just looking for a more performant network solution than samba then check out nfs, ftp, rsync or scp.

  2. If you want to do it one time and you have the files on a USB Drive/Stick and you just don’t know how to transfer them from the USB drive to the SD Card here are some ideas:

a.) Get some linux knowledge. Here is a cheatsheet for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

b.) There is a filemanager gui within OSMC/Kodi under “system”

c.) Login OSMC via ssh you then either just can use the copy command cp -r \media\name-of-your-usb\folder-with-files \home\osmc\Movies . Alternatively if you like to have a tool to support you install mc sudo apt-get install mc

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