How to tune PVR channels first time?

I’ve downloaded OSMC 2021.08 to setup a Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve already have a DVB-T/T2 device plugged through USB*.
I have OSMC working with Kodi 19 and everything it can get from Internet but:
What steps should I need to do to setup terrestrial TV channels?

(*) Note: I’ve successfully tested this TV dongle with Kaffeine in Raspbian 10 (buster).

I perhaps didn’t explain well:
I already have a Raspberry Pi 4 with OSMC 2021.08 running. And a TV tuner attached via USB (with a working TV antenna). And all this hardware I’ve already checked it’s fully compatible.

Is there a path to install and setup TVHeadend server&client when using OSMC interface?

The guide above shows hows to install TVHeadend server and set up the channels configuration. You will need to do that first.

Then in Kodi/OSMC you will need to add the TVHeadend pvr client client add-on.

When both are done they you will be able to watch live TV on Kodi/OSMC.

Presume that is what you are trying to achieve?

Okay, I see now grahamh was linking a guide instead of writing me a reply.
I’ve enabled TVHeadend server and I see that I need another computer to access service with a web browser.

Followed setup wizard, TV tuner is detected (the OSMC store dongle), but no channel is found. And after this I don’t find anywhere to trigger a new channels scan.

Oh, I see now that at step “Assign predefined muxes to networks” you MUST select some predefined mux profile. It can’t be left empty. If no profile matches your region, do select: –Generic–: auto-Default

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