How to turn on/off OSMC

Hi all,

I am curious if there is a way (even doing some electronic hack) to add power on/off button to OSMC.
I found this article:

but I do not know if it is reliable?

My main problem Is that I usually shutdown Kodi from web UI. But Raspberry led is still on after shutdown. Then I disconnect the cable. Sometime happen that I reconnect the cable, led red turn on but Raspberry does not startup, so I have to disconnect/reconnect cable several time.

I have Raspberry connected to power and HDD connected to Raspberry USB (I have max_current=1 to support this connection).

Any idea?

This is now enabled by default and doesn’t need to be set in config.txt anymore.

There are some solutions for adding a power switch, but the cost of any solution is higher than that of any power you may save.


The problem is not the power saving. I am not interested in it.
Just a reliable way to turn of Raspberry in safe way.

Select Shutdown from Kodi or run shutdown -h now is safe.

I appreciate the jokes :slight_smile:

I don’t understand.

If either of those options are not safe for you, something else is problematic.

I was jocking, your suggestion was quite obvious :frowning:.
With this I mean that obviously I was aware that I could do a shutdown -h now command :slight_smile:

Just leave it on man…It doesnt consume a lot of power. Set up a screensaver on it and just leave it on. I wouldnt play with the GPIOs…especially if you are planning to do this on/off all the time (+2 times every day).
If the red led is bothering you, there is a way to turn it off by editing the config.txt. I’ve done it with mine, and now only when the pi is doing something i got the yellow led on, otherwise it is completly dark.

If you still want to create something to power it off, then i would suggest you make a relay on/off switch.
Example: Adding An On / Off Switch To Your Raspberry Pi • Pi Supply Maker Zone
I made something similar to control a fan, to cool down the pi in the summer:

or you could just buy a something ready like this:

I have mine hooked up to a remote controlled power outlet. It was $25 bucks, but I now have full control of the PI from my phone.

I used a momentary button and this video to setup the “On” button for my Pi 3. It’s as simple as connecting to the shown GPIO pins, then wiring or soldering to the button. If you have a breadboard I’d try it out first, then go for a permanent setup if you like it. Just make sure you use the shut-down option from the power menu first, after the green LED stops press the button, it’ll start right up.

update: Using Sonoff

I cut an extension cable in the middle. Screwed one end on the left side, one on the right thus making a wifi extension cable. You can turn it on/off from your phone and it even has timer settings if you want.