How to turn on the Vero V using remote?

Maybe this is a rather stupid question - but here we are.
I turned off the Vero V in Kodi ( Power → Shutdown ). Which worked as expected. Device powered off, blue LED off.

But how do I turn the Vero V on again, using the remote? There’s no power button. I tried a couple of things, for example the home button, the ok button, a combo of those, keep holding the home button, etc.

What’s the secret here?

(as a workaround i pulled the power cable and re-inserted it, that boots the Vero V - but obviously not a thing i want to keep doing)

The only way to power it back on after doing a shutdown is a power cycle. It is intended for you to just leave it running all the time as it consumes very little power at idle. If your someone who wants or needs to power off your electrons completely as a matter of course then I would suggest to look into one of the smart power strips that will power off slave sockets depending on if the master socket is drawing more than a threshold current as a possible solution. It would be advised to select the shutdown option prior to allowing the power to get cut however.

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Thanks for the quick response, appreciate that.
Not really what I hoped for obviously (especially with ever-increasing electricity costs), but good to know.

Energy use is a topic that has been discussed before and if you searched the forum you can find additional information and points of view. The long and short of it is that the power usage adds up to laterally just a few dollars a year in electricity for most people. I’m personally of the opinion that the savings do not overcome the inconvenience to power these devices off completely. If someone is looking to save on their electricity bills there are probably other things that can be done that will have a more significant impact than turning off a 3 watt device.

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Use Power → Suspend instead of Shut Down. Then you can wake it up by pressing any button on the remote



Awesome, will try that and report back.

It’ll work.

Thanks, this works.

Here are some Watt usage stats for comparison.

On/IDLE in main menu: 3.1 W
On/Browsing through inventory (Movies): 3.9 W
Off/Suspended: 3.1 W
Off/Shutdown: 0.7 W

So leaving the Vero V on or suspended doesn’t really change in Watt usage and I’ll most likely keep the Vero V just powered on and idle as @darwindesign suggested.

I’ve set up a cronjob to stop mediacenter at night. At least during the night kodi isn’t churning unnecessarily. During the day I leave it idle.

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter will stop kodi. It should slightly reduce power use if that’s what you’re after.

Very slightly. I just tested this on one of my RPi 4’s that run off a POE adapter (so power usage here is the RPi and the POE adapter together). In the picture below you can see a small drop off for the last hour where I stopped Kodi. The savinging appear to be only around 0.2 watts.

Thanks getting sone data to confirm. More about self discipline to stop watching after some time and go to bed than power savings. 10m of aircon is likely 1 year’s worth of Vero power usage.

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