How to update from 18.9?

I’m trying to update a relatives 4k+ and it’s on 18.9.
I recall there was a manual step to run before it will pickup and update successfully since it does not detect an available update.
I checked the forum posts about the new 19.0 release but I don’t see any link or command to enable to update.

You’re probably an a very old OSMC if you’re still on v18.9

I’d recommend taking a backup and installing a new version from Download - OSMC. It is possible to upgrade from such an old version, but not officially supported.


Thanks Sam, am I right in assuming I want the Linux app image?
I thought there was a hotfix I could apply.

Regardless, sorry for the n00b questions, once I have said update, how do I apply it how do I apply it to the Vero?

There is only one image for vero. It can be written to SD card using either the Windows installer or the Linux installer or using a low-level command like dd.

It would not be an update file. It would be an image written to USB or SD Card for a full reinstall of the latest version overwritting your current Vero4k

Thanks, team. It’s been awhile so I’ll download and boot from the USB stick.
Appreciate the replies.

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