How to upgrade/downgrade Python to potentially non-broken version 2.7.10


The python version (2.7.13) in osmc seems to be broken, at least for me, since I run into this bug (which is a symptom of this youtube-dl bug) every single time I try to use that extension (Send to Kodi is using youtube-dl). It links this python bug as a possible cause, and judging by that that bug was created more than two years ago and the last activity is about 1,5 years ago I conclude that they have no real interest or urgency to fix it.

Since that bug is listed as even affecting python 3.6/3.7, and since youtube-dl doesn’t seem to have any problems on macOS’ python with version 2.7.10, I’m wondering if there’s a recommended way, or what the easiest way is, to downgrade to that version?

I’d try to encourage you to wait till around xmas/new year when we expect the next release of Kodi to be released and see if this problem just goes away on its own. Would be a shame to waste time looking at this now when it may not be an issue in just a matter of weeks.

How likely it is that Kodi 18 will resolve this I don’t know but since such a big change is on the doorstep it seems to be like a good idea to try that first.

Thanks for the tip!

Is there a specific reason why an upgrade of Kodi would solve a deeply rooted python bug? I thought Kodi used the platform python version on linux?

I believe Kodi 18 is based around Python 3 rather than 2.7 (I know you said this bug was still evident with 3) but I’m hoping that will mean that lots of addons get updated so that we work with a more current version.

I think I was mistaken, Kodi 19 will be the Python 3 one.

No real reason to think this will solve it but this is a large change and it’s coming soon so I just thought it was prudent to see if this changed anything.

Thanks. I’m currently on Kodi 18-Beta so apparently it doesn’t seem to requrie python 3+.

edit: Got it.

Did I understand you correctly that if OSMC ships with a Kodi version built around python 3 OSMC will ship python 3?

Anyway, I’m prepared to downgrade python right now since I doubt Kodi has anything to do with this. As it is currently, I’d rather plug in my laptop than use OSMC/Kodi because of this bug.