How to use Bluetooth headphones on Vero 4K

I want to be able to use some Bluetooth headphones with my Vero 4K. This seems to be something that is unfortunately not provided out of the box. It needs to be configured.

I’ve searched online and found some info on how to configure it, but am having some trouble understanding it,

Could someone please help me out with some basic/layman’s instructions on how to do it, step by step? Would be really appreciated,

Start here and let us know how you get on.

TLDR: just pair your phones with MyOSMC and select the BT option in Settings->System->Audio

Thanks for the info, that’s helpful.

What is the best way of getting into the command line, and using it?

At the moment I don’t have any kind of keyboard. Is there some way to enter the command line and input text in the command line using the normal remote control?
Or is there any other way of doing it?

I am also assuming you need to be connected to a wireless network for the audio installation to work?

Or bearing in mind I don’t have a keyboard, might an easier way be to just reinstall OSMC as per these instructions (using a USB key), - as the latest version of OSMC should already have Bluetooth headphones working ok.

Sounds like your OSMC is rather old. Have you tried updating it through MyOSMC?

The normal way of getting to a command line is via SSH for which you will need a LAN connection via WiFi or ethernet (wired). If you don’t have either of those it’s not surprising you haven’t updated in a while :smiley:

What equipment do you have available?

Yeah I don’t currently have an internet router so no lan etc. I can only tether from my smartphone at the moment to get a wireless internet connection.

I just did that with the Vero 4K and tried to manually update via MYOSMC. It did download some updates and also tried to installed them but then get the message “Error installing - Please report this on the OSMC forum”
Tried twice and got the same thing

So bearing this in mind what are my options? Update OSMC by a USB key as I suggested before?

Reinstalling via USB sounds like a good option.

Thanks for this info. Does the newer kodi build I would download (using those instructions for reinstalling) and put onto the USB already include bluez-alsa?

I read some other posts that said you still need to install bluez-alsa separately using the command line even if you have a later version of Kodi.

The latest images include bluez-alsa. Have done for ~2 years or more. The wiki is up to date - don’t listen to anyone else.

Thanks for the info. Sounds great - looks like my best bet to get the Bluetooth audio working,

Will try it soon and post back.

I reinstalled OSMC via USB as per the instructions and Bluetooth headphones now work great! Thanks so much. Much easier for me than having to use the command line.

The latest version of OSMC seems to have other benefits over the old version I had installed before. The frame rate auto adjusts to match the video file source. Nice touch!

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