How to use IR detector and remote with OSMC


I have a raspberry pi b+ with OSMC. I have an IR detector TSOP4838 and a remote from hauppauge pvr 350.
I followed a lot of tutorial which explain how to plug the IR detector and to use the remote.
I managed to test my hardware configuration with the command mode2 -d /dev/lirc0, and it works (I can see series of pulse and space) in SSH. But all the tutorial I saw was for XBMC!
So my hardware is working, but I am not able to know (or to find the good information) how to configure OSMC, to be able to use my remote. I tried a lot of things, but it does not work …
Do you know where I can find a tutorial from the beginning to configure my raspberry pi b+ (OSMC) with my IR detector?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


There is already a hauppauge pvr 350 remote profile in OSMC - just go to My OSMC -> Remotes and select it. Also make sure that GPIO IR remote is turned on in Pi configuration. (Although it must be already if mode2 is reporting pulses)


Thank you for your help.
Yes I saw that There is already a hauppauge profil in the remote menu, but I dońt know How to sélect it!

Also most of the time with any newer TV using hdmi it will pass through IR from the TV’s receiver to osmc.


Thank you for your answer.
The problem is that I do not want to use my raspberry pi b+ with a TV, but with a computer screen. So I cannot use CEC with HDMI. I have to use an IR detector plug on GPIO connector of the raspberry pi b+.

The hardware is working (I can see series of pulse and space when I work on the raspberry from SSH connection). I just want to know how can I configure OSMC, to be able to use the remote in this interface.

I saw that there is a Hauppauge pvr 350 remote profil in OSMC, but I do not know how to use it! I do not know how to select it! Can you help me?
Can you tell me how to check if the GPIO IR remote is turned on in Pi configuration?

I am sorry, I am a beginner on this subject, so do not hesitate to give me all the informations step by step, even if you think it is logic (maybe it is not for me).

Thank you again for your help.


Pierre, do you have a keyboard or mouse plugged into the Pi directly to help you configure (until you have the remote set up and working)?
Other than that, are you familiar with the idea that you will probably need to create one or more files in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps to customise the actions of the remote?

Ok, assuming that with “don’t know how to select it” you mean “don’t know how to select it without a input device connected”, correct? (Can’t you just shortly connect a USB keyboard till you have your remote control activated?_
As you are able to SSH into the device there is most likely a way to copy a respective keymaps file into the folder.
But my lazy path would be that you install vnc [HowTo] Install a vnc server on the Raspberry pi
That would give you the ability to remotely control OSMC to activate the remote as described by DBMandrake.

May be easier to symlink it via SSH

Hello, and thank you for your answer.
Yes, I have a keyboard and a mouse plugged into the pi.
I followed this tutorial :

to try to configure my IR detector.
So I create a file in /home/osmc/. The name of the file is lircd.conf, and it tell the actions of all the keys of the remote (I found this specific file for my remote (hauppauge pvr 350) on Internet).

This file is given here :

begin remote

name Hauppauge_350
bits 13
eps 30
aeps 100

one 969 811
zero 969 811
plead 1097
gap 114605
toggle_bit 2

  begin codes
      Go                       0x00000000000017BB
      KEY_POWER                0x00000000000017BD        #  Was: Power
      KEY_TV                   0x000000000000179C        #  Was: TV
      KEY_VIDEO                0x0000000000001798        #  Was: Videos
      KEY_AUDIO                0x0000000000001799        #  Was: Music
      KEY_IMAGES               0x000000000000179A        #  Was: Pictures
      KEY_INFO                 0x000000000000179B        #  Was: Guide
      KEY_RADIO                0x000000000000178C        #  Was: Radio
      KEY_UP                   0x0000000000001794        #  Was: Up
      KEY_LEFT                 0x0000000000001796        #  Was: Left
      KEY_RIGHT                0x0000000000001797        #  Was: Right
      KEY_DOWN                 0x0000000000001795        #  Was: Down
      KEY_OK                   0x00000000000017A5        #  Was: OK
      KEY_EXIT                 0x000000000000179F        #  Was: Back/Exit
      Menu/i                   0x000000000000178D
      KEY_VOLUMEUP             0x0000000000001790        #  Was: Vol+
      KEY_VOLUMEDOWN           0x0000000000001791        #  Was: Vol-
      KEY_CHANNELDOWN          0x0000000000001792        #  Was: Prev.Ch
      KEY_MUTE                 0x000000000000178F        #  Was: Mute
      KEY_CHANNELUP            0x00000000000017A0        #  Was: Ch+
      KEY_CHANNELDOWN          0x00000000000017A1        #  Was: Ch-
      KEY_RECORD               0x00000000000017B7        #  Was: Record
      KEY_STOP                 0x00000000000017B6        #  Was: Stop
      KEY_REWIND               0x00000000000017B2        #  Was: Rewind
      KEY_PLAY                 0x00000000000017B5        #  Was: Play
      KEY_FORWARD              0x00000000000017B4        #  Was: Forward
      Replay/SkipBackward      0x00000000000017A4

      KEY_FORWARD              0x00000000000017B4        #  Was: Forward
      Replay/SkipBackward      0x00000000000017A4
      KEY_PAUSE                0x00000000000017B0        #  Was: Pause
      SkipForward              0x000000000000179E
      KEY_1                    0x0000000000001781        #  Was: 1
      KEY_2                    0x0000000000001782        #  Was: 2
      KEY_3                    0x0000000000001783        #  Was: 3
      KEY_4                    0x0000000000001784        #  Was: 4
      KEY_5                    0x0000000000001785        #  Was: 5
      KEY_6                    0x0000000000001786        #  Was: 6
      KEY_7                    0x0000000000001787        #  Was: 7
      KEY_8                    0x0000000000001788        #  Was: 8
      KEY_9                    0x0000000000001789        #  Was: 9
      Asterix                  0x000000000000178A
      KEY_0                    0x0000000000001780        #  Was: 0
      KEY_NUMERIC_POUND        0x000000000000178E        #  Was: #
      KEY_RED                  0x000000000000178B        #  Was: Red
      KEY_GREEN                0x00000000000017AE        #  Was: Green
      KEY_YELLOW               0x00000000000017B8        #  Was: Yellow
      KEY_BLUE                 0x00000000000017A9        #  Was: Blue
  end codes

end remote

The problem is I don’t know how to use it correctly …

Thank you again for your answers.




As I said, I have a keyboard and a mouse plugged into the pi.
And When I said “I don’t know how to select it”, I really don’t know ! When I try to select it, I happen nothing! I try to clic on the good remote profil in the remote menu, I tried to press “enter” on it, but nothing happen! It is strange…

@sam_nazarko, what do you mean by symlink it via ssh ? I am not familiar with this vocab, sorry …



Is anyone has a solution for my problem?

Thank you very much,



I try to use a remote with my raspberry pi b+.
I follow this tutorial :
But this one was done for xbmc, and I have omsc installed on my pi.
The hardware is working (IR detector plugged into GPIO interface), I can see series of space and pulse when I use the specific command, connected to the pi with a computer in ssh.
But I cannot use my remote in the osmc interface, it does not work ! Help me please !
As you can see in the previous message, I configure a file with all the keys of my remote (HAUPPAUGE PVR 350). Do you think this file is not correct ?

Some of you said to me to select the HAUPPAUGE PVR 350 profile in the remote menu of the pi in osmc, but I do not manage to do that ! I have a keyboard plugged into the pi and a mouse, and when I clic on the remote profil, it happen nothing ! When I select the profil with the keyboard and I press ENTER or any keys, It happen nothing !

Do you think it is possible to use a remote with IR detector plugged into GPIO with osmc ? If yes help me please !! I tryed everything…

Thank you,