How-to use OSMC remote on plain Kodi

Hi there,

I got myself an OSMC remote for my x86_64 Debian testing based multimedia machine. Most keys work out of the box on my self-compiled Kodi 16. But a few don’t (e.g. Info, Stop, …).
What do I need to patch to get all of them working properly? I have absolutely no problem patching the source and config files, but I would greatly appreciate some pointers on what and where exactly to look at.

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Are you using Debian Jessie? If so:

sudo dpkg -i amd64-*.deb
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo reboot

and reboot. Make sure you don’t have LIRC installed


Hi Sam,

thanks for the ultra-quick response! I am on testing (called stretch, post-jessie distribution), so I expect them to work. I’ll see if I get time on the weekend to check it out. But I do use lirc for an old serial-port based IR receiver (irman), which I would like to keep using.

So, I guess I will take a look into the packages and the config files and try to work out a working configuration with the stretch default packages.

Thanks for the pointers!

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Well, I kind of failed setting this up on my own using lircd/inputlirc (irw was seeing the events fine, but kodi didn’t for some reason). So, I just installed the packages you pointed my to and that worked right out of the box!

Would it be sensible to add the osmc repo to my sources.list or would that mess up my system?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the easy solution!

Don’t add the OSMC repo to your system. This could cause issues