How to watch Live TV on another device in network (android, windows)

hello all,

here is my osmc device info:

Device: RaspPi B +
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired,
Power Supply Type: power from USB port on TV
Power specs: 1A
Peripherals: no hub
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): playing movies from NAS through Network
OSMC version: “2015.08-1”
XBMC version: 21:37:15 19.258410 T:3023708720 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (15.1). Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit
21:37:15 19.258587 T:3023708720 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Raspberry Pi)
Codecs: mpeg2
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: yes, to 950
Config.txt Extras:

i would like to ask you, how can i watch live tv on another device in my network from OSMC, it is possible? can i stream live TV to my network? if yes, can someone help me to make it work?


three excellent how to on that topic

Don’t forget this one!

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thanks for answers guys, my live TV is running with TVHeadend, so this part is ok with me. but i want to watch live tv on another device in my network except raspberry pi. when i watch some chanell, and my girlfriend want to watch a different chanell, she can watch it on tablet or computer.

so what i need to do, that she will be able to watch live tv on tablet/notebook? what topic i can check?


There is an android app called tvhclient

Works great for me.

Edit: Similar app for ios:

Edit: I think VLC will also work if you give it the streamurl found in the tvheadend backend for that channel.

Edit2: If both channels you want to watch are on the same carrier frequency, as common with digital tv, you might not be able to watch them simultaniously. If so, you need a second tuner.


please check the links that are recommended too you

watching tv on a mobil device can be done, but it takes a LOT of bandwidth and CPU on your mobile device… DVB is 50-60 frames pr second i know my iphone 6 and ipad does play the stream but it’s not happy about it :wink: and player crashes a lot.

So it works, but the stream/data DVB is, is not made for mobil devices ;-), works great on Desktop however.

i use the vlc trick, you can also install kodi on the computer and set up the pvr there…


so all apps work great, but i can watch two special chanells simultaniously, when i watch another chanells, i cant watch nothing on another device… i got RPi1. RPi2 would be able to take care of two or more devices of watching a different chanells? is there some setting that i can do on my RPi1 to enable more devices? or i really need 2nd tuner?


Read my post again.
One tuner cannot tune to two channels when they are on the same frequency. So you need a dual tuner or a second one.

yeah, i got it now, it works like you said, thanks for help to you all

DVB can fine show two channels from the same frequency but not two different frequencys… then you need two tuners yes…

tvheadend can also steam the same channel too more then one device at the same time.

Hope this helps.


Sorry, got that the wrong way around…