How Vero wakes TV after power cycle

I am interested in learning how the Vero wakes a TV from standby. Typically a CEC message over the CEC HDMI link would do it but I would have thought the HDMI input is not active in standby.



You mean the TV HDMI no active in TV Standby or the Vero HDMI not active in standby?
The HDMI communication channel always should be active just the Video signal deactivated.

If you go to Settings>System>Input>Peripherals>CEC adapter> you will find some settings you can change. If you search around the forum a bit you will find other threads where people have had varying levels of success being able to get their particular equipment to act the way they wanted. Unfortunately CEC is not a very strict standard and often you will have to go through some trial and error to find something that works for you.

I meant that the TV HDMI input would not be active in standby, so the TV would not receive any CEC message from the Vero. However, subsequently I looked at the HDMI Specification which suggests to me that the CEC line may be active all the time. I’ve asked if can confirm.

Even if the TMDS clock is disabled, CEC is active via the AO power domain on the SoC.

Thanks Sam. AO?


Of course. Ta.

I’ll check that out. Ta