How well does OSMC run on Pi Zero?

Got another TV for Christmas and I’d like to attach an OSMC device to it. It’s not going to be used for anything but Kodi.

Can you guys let me know what kind of experiences you’ve had with a Pi Zero?

Thanks & Merry Christmas to you all!

PS. If anyone has an old Pi they’d like to get rid of cheap, send me a PM.

I’ve noticed posts in the kodi forums about Pi zero and it’s performance.

It is as good as a fast RPi 1
A bit sluggish but completely usable (at least for watching recorded TV (MP2 with codec or MP4 as broadcast) from Samba shares - which is how I use it).

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Hello @Katze, not sure if this is late, I have actually tested the pi zero with osmc and didn’t really see the difference in performance compared to my pi 2(1gb Ram), im sure for most of what you want to use it for it will be very ok with no visible degradation in performance. Currently running debian wheezy on it and all seem pretty smooth.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I’m sure lots of people will be very curious to know how well OSMC preforms on the Zero once it starts to become more readily available.

I haven’t been able to find one for sale at all as of yet. Any tips on where you can find them without a huge mark-up?

I simply subscribed for the magpi magazine for 3 issues, which included the december pi zero attached. You could call them up on the website, if you could still get yours if you subscribe, the 3 issues will cost £12.99, which i dont think is really a bad idea, each cost £5.99 if bought individually and you also get the zero for free with the december edition.


Thats the link for subscription, you should call to confirm if you will get the edition with the pi

Hurry up while stocks last